Research Strategies


The QUT Library is an excellent resource for all students across the University. As an associate you have access to the library’s full collection of journal articles,  books, ebooks, magazines and so much more. The library also provides associates with information on writing, referencing, editing, and academic honesty.


We asked our Liaison Librarian for the top 5 resources that they feel every QUT Associate should know about!

We’ve provided those for you below.

A top resource for industry analysis

Innovation and trend analysis, global information for the technology industry

Public company, industry and country information extending across over 200 countries and every major industry sector

Access peer reviewed journals

A database for political, economics, legal, social and current affairs, public policy, and legal commentary

Citing and Referencing

Throughout your studies you will use the ideas and information from others to help build upon your conclusions. In line with academic honesty, it’s vital to acknowledge the work of others by citing and referencing properly. You can find more information on this through the QUT Library, as well as with the link below.

Academic Honesty

As E/MBA associates at QUT, you will be held to very high standards in terms of not only the work that you produce, but also your ability to act in a fair, trustworthy, and respectful manner. All assignments submitted through QUT are monitored for plagiarism, and ramifications of dishonesty can be severe.

Marking Standards

What’s the difference between a mark of a 7 and a mark of a 4? Associate Professor Glen Murphy; MBA Director clarifies the standards that we look for in the E/MBA program.

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