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Insight Bites

Insight Bites at QUT Graduate School of Business are designed to be exclusive networking sessions to inform, engage and connect QUT GSB MBA and Executive MBA students and alumni as well as any prospective MBA and EMBA students.

These sessions run multiple times per year. If you are interested in attending one, or would like to learn more, please e-mail us through the button below.

Ideas Factory

The QUT E/MBA Ideas Factory provides Executive MBA and MBA alumni and associates the opportunity to leverage their experience, insight and collective efforts to solve industry problems in a familiar and stimulating, but challenging MBA context.

In 2016 the QUT MBA program launched the “Ideas Factory” initiative – an opportunity for alumni and current associates to experience the intellectual challenge, the idea stimulation and the professional networking you experience during your MBA. The Ideas Factory events are complimentary and are designed to link industry, alumni, associates and other members of the QUT MBA community together over a short period to achieve a defined outcome.

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