Communication Skills


Being able to write and communicate your ideas in an academic manner is vital to a successful MBA journey. Our Language and Learning Educator, Karyn Gonano, has put together a series of podcasts that will help you understand the principles of academic writing and put them into practice. You will hear from Karyn during your induction and be able to ask any questions of her that you may have.


Many of your units will have either formal presentations for your assessments, or at the very minimal an activity where you will need to present your groups findings. Presenting to an audience is a learned skill, and one that will prove useful to you throughout your MBA.


Social media has become an integral part of our communication in today’s society. It’s not just about marketing or a one sided line of communication, it’s about listening and responding to your audience.

At the Graduate School of Business, we encourage all of our associates and alum to interact with us through these channels. Keep up to date on the latest research coming from the Business School, events that we have running throughout the year, and gain insight into what your colleagues are up to.

Build your networks. Engage with your peers. #QUTMBA

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